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How You Can Help

By working together, we can make Northumberland a better place for everyone. Each year, money is raised in the community through workplace campaigns, individual donations, special events, and planned giving. Money raised here stays in the community to fund various programs and partnerships which help people from all walks of life.

The main fundraising campaign for the Northumberland United Way is in the fall. There are many opportunities to get involved and support United Way. Every year there are a number of activities with hundreds of hours of volunteer involvement and support. Each year, money is raised through payroll campaigns, individual gifts and numerous special events.

To show your support, you can donate on-line. Simply click on DONATE NOW and make a secure gift to the United Way campaign. You can also participate in our events. For a listing of events, go to What's New and see how you can get involved. There are also payroll campaigns in many local workplaces. Ask how you can make your weekly gift or get your workplace involved. Every dollar does make a difference. You can also join those who are leading the way at United Way by making a leadership gift.

United Way's Leading the Way Circle promotes and recognizes the importance of personal giving. Join a distinguished group of people whose dedication to building and preserving a humane and caring community is demonstrated through their annual financial commitment of $1,000 or more. Our community depends on caring people like you to help set the standard that will inspire others to follow.

United Way will acknowledge your Leading the Way gift to the Annual Campaign in our Annual Report. The names of Leaders who prefer to remain anonymous do not appear in this publication.

We invest your donation wisely

You can entrust your gift to Northumberland United Way, allowing experienced volunteers and professional staff to determine where your gift will make the greatest difference. United Way agencies are regularly assessed, and funding is allocated according to need, quality, and impact of their services, through the Community Review Process.

Planned giving

With funding for social programs in jeopardy everywhere, and governments no longer able to guarantee any support for some programs, let alone the same support as in years past, society is at a turning point.

Current trends reveal that our social infrastructure is at risk. The Province of Ontario has cut its transfer payments to human service charities and it will take a substantial increase in charitable revenues to fill this gap. At the same time, human service needs are continuing to escalate and our system is being stretched to its limits.

We can either succumb to this slow but steady stripping away of the services that have made Northumberland County one of the most humane and caring communities in our country, or we can do something about it.

Northumberland United Way is doing something very real

We have created a community-wide endowment fund called The Planned Giving Fund to ensure that we can introduce new programs and continue funding current ones to serve future generations of our communities.

The result will be a better quality of life for everyone, and the security that comes from knowing we can count on a stable future for our community's children.

You already know how your donation to the annual campaign helps today. However, new sources of funding must be developed to adapt to the massive changes the future will force upon us. So please take a few minutes now to learn how a donation to The Planned Giving Fund will work on your behalf, year after year. Your gift will be a lasting legacy to your community.

The case for giving now

Northumberland's history is full of stories of men and women who had a vision of tomorrow, who knew that they might not witness their dreams come to fruition, but worked anyway to ensure that their hope for the future would one day become real.

A gift to The Planned Giving Fund allows you to change the future well-being of our community for the better. Strong vibrant communities like ours don't just happen. They develop because people like you are willing to invest your time and resources to sustain and strengthen them. The Planned Giving Fund provides the ideal vehicle for you to give back something to your community and ensures that your generosity continues long after your lifetime.

How you can give once and keep on giving

The Planned Giving Fund is built from planned gifts provided by many caring individuals in our community - gifts made today that work hard to meet the needs of tomorrow. You may choose to make a gift to The Planned Giving Fund through a bequest in your Will, a charitable life insurance policy, a charitable gift annuity, securities, or property. The capital is invested in the Fund and investment income is used to benefit future generations, allowing United Way to make long-range plans to help our community.

Making a gift to The Planned Giving Fund is a very individual matter. The different giving options are flexible and can provide significant tax benefits to you and your family. The Planned Giving Fund representatives can consult with you in confidence, and your legal or financial advisor can guide you in choosing the best way to make a gift to the future of your community.

A gift to The Planned Giving Fund fulfills your needs, can provide tax benefits, and is an investment in your vision for the future of the community.

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