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My Life – Daniel

Nov 17

Thursday, November 17, 2011  RssIcon

It all started at a young age. My life was changed forever. My parents split up when I was four, and then things took a turn for the worst. My mother is an alcoholic and abused my brother and I throughout our childhood, guess you could say we weren't the dream family you could wish for. I tried many ways to get my point across with Children’s Aid Society and the police, but at the time I never got what I had wished for. I felt helpless and frustrated at times and thought being abused as a child was normal.

The police were at our house every weekend because of domestic violence with my mother from her boyfriend. I was bullied at school and ended up taking matters into my own hands because the situation wasn't resolved by teachers. This led to suspensions for fighting. I was fed up. I ran away from home to try and get away from all the pain my mother had caused me, but in the end that failed and I had to return. Finally moved out at 16 but the hardest thing I had done was leave my brother behind. It killed me. Had the police stay there after I was gone to make sure my mother didn't do anything crazy.

Because of my past, I had huge aggression towards my brother and family. I never opened up and talked about problems when they happened. I would lie to make myself look better. Then we had a family meeting I was told either get help or everything is going to disappear. That was a huge eye opener for me I didn't want to lose my family.

I went to the hospital and was referred to Northumberland Community Counselling Centre in Sept 2010. I had my intake in October but then had to wait a few months. I had mixed emotions at the time and worried what the outcome would be.

I started counseling in March. I felt a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders once I got in there and was able to talk to Kim about my issues. Wished I had addressed this earlier but I didn't think there was a problem. I did an anger log for two weeks and found a lot of things set me off. Most of them were little. Thought about what I needed to do and set goals, looked back and saw what I had achieved. I took responsibility for my actions and am doing the work necessary to resolve my problems. Communicating was the key to open up and speak your mind. Talk to your family. They are here to help you and look out for your well being. The past predicts the future, everyone can change with time. Just set goals and reach for the stars. It may seem difficult at the time but you can do it. Tell the whole story. You can’t expect results if you don't say everything.

My goal now is to spend more time with family and my girlfriend, try not to work so much. I'm getting more comfortable with asking for help and being open since counseling. I have a more positive outlook on life since addressing this issue. I now look out the window and see how I want things to be.

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